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MuseumOfEncxausticArt_w900_webAs some of you know by now, by having read my previous blog or Instagram posts, I have been creating artwork with encaustic for quite some time. Although encaustic is not the only medium for me to use for my paintings, it is definitely one of my favorites and I am never tired of exploring it.

I am pleased to share the recent offer from a museum; the artwork “Predicted” from my Climate Change series became a part of The Museum of Encaustic Art’s permanent collection in the United States.

My works and artbook have been in the private, cooperate, and a part of national permanent collections such as in Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris among others, but this is the first encaustic work that became a museum collection, so I feel happy and honored.😊🙏

encaustic mixed media "Predicted" by Misako OBAPredicted, Encaustic Mixed Media on Cradled wood panel, Misako OBA, 2022.

The message in my latest series ‘Climate Change‘ includes factual data and my response to global warming, which I literally have been experiencing. It is a visual statement with a conceptual and philosophical approach using a temperature-sensitive material encaustic.

I burned four sides of cradle wood using the Shou-Sugi-ban technique that implicates wildfires due to climate change. This work also depicts the iconic and historical Keeling Curve published by IPCC in 1990 as a well-known graphic representation of the increase in the global atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide, the primary greenhouse gas emitted through human activity.

The statistics were advised by my friend, a climate change specialist/researcher at Columbia University in New York City.

The Museum of Encaustic Art
18 County Road 55A
Cerrillos, NM 87010
Tel: 505 424 6487
*Please check their website or contact them for Open hours.
Usually Open from 11 am – 4 pm on Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays, but depending on the season.

“The Museum of Encaustic Art has the largest collection of encaustic/wax work in the United States. Encaustic is arguably the fastest-growing art medium in the world. The Museum of Encaustic Art has the largest, most extensive, and best represented encaustic art collection in America.”

This fall, from mid-September through mid-October, there was a theme based curated exhibition “Global Warming is Real” at the Museum of Encaustic Art.  My work was a part of the exhibition. I am planning to develop my climate change series further. 

Display image sample of Predicted, artwork by Misako OBA
(Not for Sale due to the permanent collection at the museum #非売品)

Ocean Surface pH, Another encaustic work from Climate Change series by Misako OBA.
(This work is available for sale now. Please contact us. #販売中)

*****   *****   ***** (Japanese ↓)

このたび、米国にあるエンコースティック美術館よりお話をいただき、「クライメート・チェンジ(気候変動)」のシリーズより、エンコースティック・ミクストメディア作品”Predicted”(上記写真) が、永久収蔵コレクションとなりました😍🙌✨🙏


アメリカのサンタフェ近郊にあるニューメキシコ州のThe Museum of Encaustic Art は、世界でもめずらしいエンコースティック専門の美術館で、エンコースティックやワックス(蝋)を使ったアートでは米国最大規模の美術館です。機会があったら是非お出かけくださいね。

「Predicted」(直訳:予測された)という作品は、私の最新アートシリーズ「Climate Change」(気候変動)に属します。このシリーズは事実に基づくデータと、私が体験してきた地球温暖化に対するリスポンス(応答)が含まれています。温度に敏感な絵具であるエンコースティックを使用して描いた、コンセプチュアル(概念的で)かつ哲学的なアプローチによる視覚的なステートメントです。

また、気候変動による山火事を暗示するため「焼杉板」という技法を用いて、絵の基板のサイド4面を焼いて磨く技法を施しました。この作品には、1990年に IPCC が発表した、人間活動によって排出される主要な温室効果ガスである二酸化炭素の地球大気中濃度の上昇を表す有名なグラフィックとして象徴的で歴史的な「キーリング曲線(Keeling Curve) 」も入れ込んでいます。


この秋、9 月中旬から 10 月中旬にかけて約1ヶ月間、エンコースティック美術館で、企画展「Global Warming is Real(地球温暖化は現実)展」が開催され、 入選した私の作品も展示されました。気候変動に関するシリーズはまだ来年からさらに発展させ取り組んでいく予定です。


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Finally In-Person Exhibitions are Back

After almost two years, I am pleased to show my recent works in on-site (in-person) exhibitions this year. During the pandemic, we have learned more about online communication, right? I have developed new online shops and attended many online exhibitions and meetings. However, in-person events/exhibitions feel still so great. I am happy to have them back! Feel the texture of my artworks at the galleries and event venues!

This month, I have having two shows.  One for artist books and another is for paintings.

🔷 BABE (Bristol Artist’s Book Event) at Bower Ashton (UK)
logo and name book event wo

Japan and UK based Art Byte Critique Artists (including me Misako OBA) are selected to participate this event and we are excited to be exhibiting new and recent artist books on site! Visit the venue if you are nearby and take a look at the actual books and feel the texture of my encaustic books!

I present two kinds of hand-crafted artist books from her Beyond Time and Space series. One is entitled Cry for LOVE with a 2022 version of unique encaustic covers. (Previous year versions can be seen on YouTube 1) The other Beyond Time Waka Poem are unique Leporello leaflets made with Japanese Washi paper coated entirely with encaustic as monotype. This can be opened from every angle. ( Take a peek on YouTube 2).  Both books incorporate ancient Japanese poems with her modern English translation. The zine includes 5–7–5-7-7 syllables English poem as well.

Limner Gallery in New York (US)
April 7 through 30, 2022:
Reception Sat., April 9, 3-5pm

website LimnerTopThis is a curated group exhibition.  The selected contemporary artists around the world present their newest and most inspiring creative works of painting, mixed media, sculptures, and photography. I am pleased to be a part of the contemporary abstract show and I am so grateful that the gallery used my artwork for the front side of the invitation post cards!  


The message in this series includes my response and factual visual statement to global climate change with a conceptual and philosophical approach.

This is just a very early stage of the series and I will research and develop more and more. I feel so excited to have a meeting next week with the climate change specialist/lawyer/ researcher from Columbia University in New York City.

Stay tuned for the update via my Posts or Story on Instagram.

  “Atmosphere”  2022, Misako OBA. Signed and titled on the verso.
Encaustic and oil on Cradled Wood Panel. Ready to hang. 

If you are interested in my artworks or for any questions, please contact the gallery director Tim  in New York: +1-518-567-7858 (phone).
TheLimner at (email).
Or do not hesitate to contact me

The exhibition is through the end of this month.

Tips💡 for How to See Abstract Art

  • What themes and forms does it retrieve from the tradition of modern art?
  • How has the artist used them to express the social, political, and spiritual experience of our own time?

Keep these questions in mind when viewing abstract artworks. In the meantime, just enjoy them!
It’s okay if you don’t “understand” the work. You can just feel it with your heart instead of your head. 

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Serenity セレニティー・アート・コレクション 2021/2022 冬


UPDATE!  12/21
「Serenity Art Collection [セレニティー・アート・コレクション] 2021/2022 冬が、オンラインショップAtelier Direct 21で、日本時間の12月25日までご覧いただけます!

Misako OBAのアートが国内で購入できるショップ元が、クリスマス・クーポンを発行!

日本時間 12/25(土)午後11:59までに、★Atelier Direct 21★で:
【商品購入画面で、クーポンコード≪ 2021xmas15off ≫を入力】すると15% オフが適用されます。

オンラインショップは 25日までオープンしていますが、私のアトリエは24日からクリスマスのお休みに入るので、お早めに。24日以降のお問い合わせに対するご回答・対応は27日以降になります。」!!

自宅やオフィス、プレゼントにも最適な小作品を中心にこの時期にふさわしい雰囲気のアートが並んでいます💝 ぜひお立ちよりください

同セレニティー・コレクションの蜜ろうを使ったエンコースティックの作品でもう少し大きな作品は、11月末、東京・代官山にあるギャラリーにおいてもArt de acoの企画展「絵のある生活 Vol.13」で展示されました。


 [Serenity] と[Into Serenity]






直前に制作したシリーズ、Into Serenity(イントゥー・セレニティー)は、そういう気持ちに向かっていく、という意味です。


外からの状況で幸・不幸 (happy/ unhappy)と測るのではなく、内からの幸せ (joy)とセレニティー(serenity: 静穏・安らぎ) があふれる自分になって、これからの季節を迎えられるといいですね✨

イエス・キリストの誕生を祝うクリスマス前に、到来を待ち望んで楽しく考え始める「アドベント」といういわゆる準備期間(2021年は11/28〜12/24)があるように、このセレニティー・ シリーズは、年末年始のホリデーシーズン時や、あるいは人生で何か大切なイベントごとや、仕事などを前にして心が張り詰めている時、緊張している時、日常生活で平穏でない気分やイライラなどがある時、ふとアートを見て、何が大切なのかを改めて思い出す期間の提案として、誕生しました。





⬆︎Serenity Series,” Misako OBA, Encaustic Mixed Media on Wood Panel (Trilogy) 三部作
Into Serenity 9 works by Misako OBA
 “Into Serenity” Series, Misako OBA, Acrylic Mixed Media on Wood Panel (Separately available)
「イントゥー・セレニティー」シリーズ, 大庭みさこ. 木製パネルにアクリル・ミクストメディア (個々に購入可)



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What is Artists’ book? Vancouver Art Book Fair


“An artists’ book is a physical experience that allows a connection with the medium that – while social in its implications – is individual and personal.” Printed Matter, Inc.

Have you visited any art book fair?

I have visited NY Art Book at MoMA PS1 few times and Tokyo Art Book Fair once before the pandemic. Just out of curiosity. (Curiosity is important in life!) Although I have been an artist (I mainly create mixed media painting and previously more of fine art photography), I was not interested in book making until vert recent years.

Yes, some art books such as FAUSTUS were published before, but that was more like a hard cover book published by a commercial publisher (although I did the contents and the direction). Because that was fine art photography book, it was not exactly a trade book (which means a book published by a commercial publisher and intended for general readership), yet feels similar.

On the other hand, when you go to an art book fair, you can see little different types of publications. For instance, fewer copies or edition books. Artists’s books. They are like more artists’s publishing books, magazines, zines and printed ephemera, or other experimental forms of publication. The interest in those unique books grew on me. Your interest may also arise.
Click below before October 26! :)

Vancouver Art Book Fair 2021 Top

The Vancouver Art Book Fair (VABF) runs through October 26. 10th Anniversary this year!🎉
My new artist’s book/zine this year called Moon can be viewed there. The VIDEO as well.  Stop by the booth of Art Byte Critique.  Links are available during the Fair (until Oct. 26.)  *Eight artists from Japan, US, and UK are exhibiting their new releases in Art Byte Critique’s booth.

This is my second time exhibiting my artist books at VABF, following the last year when I released my first artist book “Beyond Time and Space, Cry for LOVE.

The “Moon” was created in relation to my mixed media series “Stars and Desert.” It invites you to go beyond the wall and space within you with the colors and the texture. This is an artist’s book.

The definition of Artists’ books (or book arts) : Works of art that utilize the form of the book. They are often published in small editions, though they are sometimes produced as one-of-a-kind objects. (Wikipedia)

"Moon" -Blue Moon, by Misako Oba

Artist Book “Moon” -Blue Moon, by Misako Oba

This one-of-a-kind artist books feature an ancient medium encaustic in modern application with its monotype print on Japanese Washi calligraphy rice paper.

These small books can be opened and turned the pages from every angle; from the front, from the back, from the top, and the bottom. They also stand like a traditional Japanese screen (Byoubu).

Each book is uniquely handcrafted with encaustic.
Signed and titled inside the book.
Size 2.5×2.5×0.4 inch (63x63x10 mm )
Year completed: 2021

*The VABF  is Canada’s first art book fair and the longest-running international art book fair in the country. It runs from October 18 until 26 this year. 

*New releases includes the books by John Delfino (@nemo_delfino), Masumi Hase (@maccya_118), Arthur Huang (@lifeasaconsumer), Yuko Kamei (@silica.le), Lori Ono (@loriono_thespendypencil), Etsuko Sato (@chouchou_red), Nick West (@nickweststudio), and Misako Oba (@misakoobaart)

🔹My books are available at Big Cartel for the US or non-Japanese shipping addresses.
🔹Or try a new shop: Atelier Direct 21 to view individual images (Note: Currently, this site has a payment issue to non-Japanese shipping address. We are trying to solve the issue.)
FREE shipping worldwide until October 31, 2021.   Enjoy exploring!! 

It you have any questions or trouble, please do not hesitate to contact us!  Some of you already did!👍


「アーティストブックは、物理的な体験であり、その意味では社会的な意味合いを持ちながらも、個人的でパーソナルなメディアとのつながりを可能にするものです。」 Printed Matter, Inc.


「アーティスト・ブック(Artists’ book)」とは:(定義)

アーティスト・ブック(またはブック・アート、ブック・オブジェ)は、本という形態を使った芸術作品です。少部数 (少数エディション) で出版されることが多く、また一点ものの作品として作られることもあります。(Wikipedia、他より)

今年もバンクーバー・アート・ブック・フェアに参加しています。10月26日まで Art Byte Critique. のブースで、日本や米国、英国出身のアーティストたちと一緒に、私の新作のアーティスト・ブック “Moon“などもビデオとともにご覧いただけます。登録してもしなくてもなし閲覧可能。ただすべて英語なので、日本語での解説や画像は、以下にアップしました。
🔹 アトリエ・ディレクト21 Atelier Direct 21 : 個々の写真も掲載あり。

Moon -Super Moon, by Misako Oba

“Moon” -Super Moon, by Misako Oba

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Stars and Desert「星と荒野・砂漠」のシリーズ

    ※ In English: 英語版はこちら

「It was clear that art and beauty were among those necessary things we had to provide in an emergency. (緊急時に私たちが提供しなければならなかった必要なものの中に、芸術と美が含まれていたことは明らかでした。)」 ロジャー・ ラウザー美の香り』著者




私がメッセージ性のある絵画、Stars and Desert「星と荒野・砂漠」のシリーズを創った理由と内容を以下に述べます✨💙


上1_detail_Path MightyHue_MisakOba“Path, Mighty Hue” パス・マイティー・ヒュー 軌跡 (二連画), 断片一部, Misako OBA 大庭みさこ, 2021.
Mixed Media on Canvas キャンバスにミクストメディア, 81x51cm / 32×20 inch


光栄にも、同イベントでの展覧会のお話をいただき、私も参加させていただきました。会場のギャラリーでは、Stars and Desert「星と荒野・砂漠」のシリーズ より、2016年から2021年に制作した作品の中から選んだ約25点が展示されました。

Stars and Desert「星と荒野・砂漠」のシリーズ



"Bringing Forth" (Diptych), Misako Oba“Bringing Forth” (二連画), 断片一部, Misako OBA 大庭みさこ, 木製パネルにエンコースティック・ミクストメディア









RisingHigher_up two_s1200[Rising Higher with HIM (ライジング・ハイヤー・ウィズ・ヒム)] , Misako OBA 大庭みさこ, 2021. ミクストメディア, 一部 (全体は下記) 

10年ほど前から取り組んでいる、古典の百人一首の内容を現代人の感情とすり合わせて追求したシリーズ「Beyond Time and Space(時空を超えて)」同様、この「Stars and Desert(星と荒野・砂漠)」のシリーズも、一つの作品には意図的に、古典と現代の要素が相互に響き合い、融合するように作っています。私のアートには、記憶、思考、幻想、幻滅、夢、希望、道などの層が織り重なっています。

同シリーズは、古典でもあり、時代を超越して現代にも適用できる聖書の言葉の中から、星と荒野 (desert, wilderness) に焦点をあて制作。挿絵のように言葉の内容を文字通り説明するように描いているわけではありません。該当箇所の背景や意味を咀嚼し、イマジネーションも使って「思考・感情・魂」をシンクロさせながら、ブロークンな壊れた世界、この世の悲哀を込めつつも、感謝と喜び、希望と期待感を持った心で制作しているシリーズです。


私がかつてアンリ・カルティエ・ブレッソンなどのアートに救われたように、アートの使命でもある「見る人に問いを投げかけるとともに、思いを巡らし、新たな視点 (Perspective)、気づきと、再考」のきっかけとなれば幸いです。

Path MightyHue_MisakOba_900s_c[パス・マイティー・ヒュー 軌跡] (二連画), Misako OBA 大庭みさこ, 2021. キャンバスにミクストメディア, 81x51cm/32×20 inch

創造主が実際に “砂漠の中に小川” を作ってくれたかのような驚くべきスムーズな導きも経験し、アート制作やフェイス(信念・信仰)、自分や他人の人生等に、良い意味で影響しています。



この聖句は、2014年当初、以下の「Heals the Brokenhearted (折れた心を癒す)」 などの、蜜ろうを使ったエンコースティック・ミクスト・メディアのアートとなり、以降シリーズが続いています。

“Heals the Brokenhearted,” 大庭みさこ Misako OBA, エンコースティック・ミクスト・メディア。星と荒野・砂漠のシリーズより。木製フローターフレーム入り。約23x23x2.5cm/9x9x1 inch

今年の東京での芸術祭2021「美の香り」にあたって、新作「Rising Higher with HIM (ライジング・ハイヤー・ウィズ・ヒム)」も詩篇147章3〜5節を元に創ってみました。東日本大震災ほか様々な震災や個人的な苦悩で未だ傷が癒えない人々のために、あるいは立ち直ったけれども更に高く飛躍したい人のために、祈りを込めて制作しました。



Rising Higher with HIM by Misako Oba“Rising Higher with HIM” from Stars and Desert Series, Misako OBA, 2021.
Mixed Media on Canvas.  F20 (approx. 73×61 cm/ 29×24 inch) 
RisingHigher wHIM_detail241“Rising Higher with HIM” (detail), Misako Oba


これは「星と荒野・砂漠」プロジェクトの中でも L.I.P.Y. (大切なものは目に見えない)という作品群・シリーズになりました。


「私たちは、見えるものにではなく、見えないものにこそ目を留めます。見えるものは一時的であり、見えないものはいつまでも続くからです。」(第二 コリント人への手紙 4章18節)

これからです。ライジング・ハイヤー、より高く飛翔〜! ✨


ビデオ by コミュニティーアーツ東京





Exhibition Gallery 5 photosアート・カンファレンス 2021 「Aroma of Beauty 美の香り」国際芸術際。大庭みさこの「Stars and Desert (星と荒野・砂漠) のシリーズ」より約25点が会場のギャラリーに展示(東京) 





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エンコースティック作品の取り扱い (Proper Care of Encaustic Art)

    ※ In English: 英語版はこちら

お待たせ致しました! アートに関して、いろいろとリクエストをいただいており、中でも日本国内の方々から「エンコースティック・アートの取り扱い、保管方法」に対するご質問や記事の依頼もだいぶ前からいただいていた中、ついに日本語で掲載します!

そしてこの場をお借りして、昨今、そしてもちろん過去も含めて私のアートをご購入いただいた方々に深く感謝いたします。💕 制作中は必ずしも「単に楽しい」というわけではありませんが、作品はすべて、「大切な愛すべき人」や「貴重な宝石」のようなものです。私の愛、魂、気持ち、アイデア、イマジネーション、思考、知識、コンセプト、経験、そして私たちの生きている時代が、作品に凝縮されています。こういった「レイヤー(層)を重ねる」という点で、エンコースティックはまさに私に適している画材・手法でもあります。

"Morning Star Sang #3" -Revelation 22:16 by Misako Oba

“Morning Star Sang #3” -Revelation 22:16, 大庭みさこ. エンコースティック・ミクストメディア (sold). 新たな持ち主を見つけた作品。触れる人々の人生や気持ちが豊かに祝福されますように


さて、エンコースティックの画材自体、海外でも油彩などに比べても高価で、技法もバリエーションに富んで手間がかかるため、国内ではさらにこの技法を主に使っている美術家・アーティストは多くないため、確かに日本語での情報は英語に比べて少ないようです。「取り扱い方」は、気になるところかもしれません。ちなみに、今回このページにあげているアートはすべて「 Stars and Desert (星と荒野・砂漠)」のシリーズからです。




大丈夫です、溶けません。確かに日本の夏は非常に暑いですが💦、エンコースティックの構成要素である蜜ろうは通常、約65℃前後、蜜ろうを原材料としたエンコースティック絵具やメディウムは 71℃(160°F)前後で柔らかくなり始めますので、通常の生活環境で、飾ったり、保管したりする限り、問題ありません。エンコースティックは、蜜ろうに天然ダンマル樹脂(レジン)を加えたものなので、単なる蜜ろうや蜜ろう画よりも強固で 耐久性があります 。制作時は、通常93℃ (200ºF) 以上にならないと、このろう絵具エンコースティックは溶けません。


通常、エンコースティック・アートは、1.7℃〜48.9℃ (35〜120ºF)の間で保管する必要があると言われているので、このぐらいの温度を頭に入れておけば安全です。


👉 <重要>
X 夏に駐車中の車の中に放置するのは、短時間でも高温になる可能性があるので、気をつけてください。特に作品を移動中・輸送中の温度変化にも注意が必要です。



X 直射日光のあたる場所

X 湿気の多い場所(お風呂場/洗面所等)

X 極端に暑い場所、寒い場所 

X アイロンや台所のコンロオーブン、冷蔵庫の近く、ストーブ等暖房機器ほかの家電・機械類等で熱を発する物に接触しないように

○ 通常の室温が保てる場所、冷房や暖房で、ある程度、温度管理ができる場所に飾るのがオススメです。(例えばリビングルームや寝室、廊下、玄関先、オフィスなど:それぞれの家屋やビルによって条件は異なると思います)

“Stars to Give Light 〜光を放つ星々〜 Genesis 1:16, 17” (左) と、“What Is Unseen Is Eternal 〜不過視なものは永遠に〜2 Corinthians 4:16, 18” (右), 大庭みさこ, 木製パネルにエンコースティック・ミクストメディア、木製白フローターフレーム入り. (Sold)


"Let There Be Light" by Misako Oba

“Let There Be Light,” 大庭みさこ。 木製パネルにエンコースティック・ミクスト・メディア。 木製フローター・フレーム入り(Sold)

エンコースティック作品はガラスで保護する必要はありません。しかし、作品の扱い方やアーティストによって、エッジ(縁)や表面の仕上げ方が異なるので、作品によっては壊れやすかったり、移動や何かの拍子で、縁が欠けたりすることがあるので、気をつけてください。(エーンコースティック初心者のアーティストは、各レイヤーごとに、充分融合させることが重要です。ヒートガンやガスバーナー等で。充分でないと数ヶ月後、数年後にはがれることもあります )。

私が使っているフローター・フレームは、エンコースティックの縁が欠けないように保護する役割も担っています。額装が必要ない箱型木製パネルを使う場合も多いです。キャンバスにエンコースティックは通常厳禁ですが(例外あり)、紙に描いた作品は、下に硬いマットボードや木製パネルを付け安定させてください。この場合ガラスの下に額装した方がいいかもしれません。マットはアシッド・フリー(acid-free 無酸性)の品質のものがオススメ。購入したアートをご自身で額装される場合、ガラスが作品に触れないようにしてください。マットを使ったり、シャドーボックスフレームなどで浮かせることで、触れないようにできます。(額装専門店にご相談ください。私の作品の場合は購入前、購入時に相談ください。



Art with soft foam sheet n glassine








テープも作品に接する場合は、無酸性のものを使っているので、できればとっておかれた方がいいかもしれません。でも、ずっと壁に飾られるようでしたら破棄しても構いません。グラシン紙は画材店やアマゾン等でも販売していると思いますが、国内だと酸性のものも多いので、注意が必要です。劣化を防ぐため、必ず、アシッド・フリー (acid-free 無酸性)の紙を選んでください。(中性紙でも悪くはないですが、できれば無酸性を)。グラシン紙でなくても無酸性の、トレーシングペーパー(写真下)でもいいと思います。私もよく使います。


👉 屋根裏部屋にはご注意! (余談?!)



外の気温が、35-36℃ 程度でも、屋根裏部屋は 65.5- 71.1℃にもなりえるということを知りました。 猛暑の夏、これでは前述した安全な気温範囲からはみ出てしまって、アウトです!




👉 注目! エンコースティックならではの特徴




ただ、文字や凸凹したテクスチャー部分はこすらないようにしてください。ブルームで本来見えた文字が見えなくなってしまった場合は、少しづつ、優しく行ってください。主に、ブルームが出た表面が平らなろうの部分を行うだけです。 以下、ご参考まで。



white glove

White Soft Cotton Gloves








“このような性質も持っているのでの船にも描けるし、太陽や風、塩水の影響で腐ることはないのです。” *2







飾る状態や保存状態で持ち具合は変わるので、作品を取り扱う人にもかかっています。適切な取り扱いは必要ですね! 作品の寿命もそれで決まります。




*1 何年も前にエンコースティックを始めた際、複数の関連書籍で調べたり、ニューヨーク州の R&F Paints基本のクラスをとった時、これら歴史的なことも学びました。
*2 [出典]   


To English 英語版はこちら


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Proper Care of Encaustic Art

    ※日本語版 [エンコースティック作品の取り扱い]  Japanese 

Firstly, I would like to thank those who acquire my artworks recently or previously, large or small. All my artworks are like precious loved ones or gems. My love, soul, feeling, ideas, thoughts, concepts, and our living era are encapsulated in the creations.

When seeing the artworks off (shipping them out), I feel missing them, but I’m delighted to see the new owners/collectors’ excitement. I am happy to celebrate their new home and enjoy meeting or talking with them each time. It could happen through galleries or directly with me (the artist), in person, or online.

Morning Star Sang #3, Misako Oba

I’m happy to celebrate the artworks’ new home and enjoy meeting or talking with a new owner each time. “Morning Star Sang #3 – Revelation 22:16.” (Sold)

When you or a new collector purchase from me, you or they can ask me questions directly. I usually explain my work and provide information on encaustic and basic care instructions as well as the display option as needed.

Recently, I received emails and messages from those who are interested in encaustic, asking how to care for or store encaustic works. Many people asked if an encaustic work would melt💦 because it contains wax.

So, here are the answers and basic tips for the Proper Care of Encaustic Artwork. (The image samples in this page are from Stars and Desert series.)

Would Wax in the Work Melt in a Hot Day?

No. Not in normal household conditions. The encaustic (wax and resin) will start to soften at about 150°F Fahrenheit (65.5℃). As long as you hang or store the artworks at the normal/comfortable room temperature, you don’t have to worry.

Avoid extremely hot or freezing temperatures.
The melting point of encaustic medium is 155ºF (68.33℃). When creating works, the encaustic paints won’t melt unless the temperature increases to around 200ºF (93℃). Encaustic art should be kept between 35-120ºF (1.7-48.9℃).

👉Important Note: Do not leave an art inside a car on a hot day. Not even for a short time.
We hear the sad news that children or elderly people, who were left in a car, died on a hot day while a driver (family member or caregiver) was away from the car to run an errand. A similar thing may happen to your valuable art. The temperature in a car can increase rapidly in a short time in summer or hot days. Even if the wax wouldn’t melt, high heat would damage any artwork. Be aware of temperature extremes during transport.

“Stars to Give Light  – Genesis 1:16, 17” (Left) and “What Is Unseen Is Eternal -2 Corinthians 4:16, 18” (Right), Misako Oba, Encaustic Mixed Media on wood panels with white wooden floater frames. (Sold)

Golden Rule for Hanging Art
Hang/Keep Them From Direct Sunlight

It is considered encaustic/beeswax will not deteriorate. However, exposure to direct sunlight/UV (ultraviolet) will still 1) advance deterioration, 2) cause colors to fade, and 3) weaken the binding of the medium for any art. Especially if the encaustic artwork contains other mediums, such as ink, watercolors, and/or collage element. That applies to my art, too.

I don’t know about other mixed media artists since many artists use toner-based or dye-ink prints from a home printer for image-transfer or collage, and non-acid-free materials, which are less archival. I have seen the prints and photographs with those inks that faded over time, over a few years, or a decade. Covering those non-lightfast-inks with encaustic may help keep the fresh color, but not guaranteed. So, I use archival pigment inks from a photographic printer for the text in my art and acid-free materials even for collage as much as possible. I care about the archival quality for its longevity of art. Yep, I have professional (both fine art and editorial) photographer background :). 

In any case, this is the basic and golden rule.
Avoiding direct sunlight is the best when you hang or store.

What’s More? Where to Avoid Hanging Art  

Beeswax is impervious to moisture. However, the substrates of encaustic art are often wood panels. So, wood warping may occur with humidity. Therefore:

■ Do not hang or place it in a bathroom.
■ Avoid in areas of high humidity or near any heat source such as a heater, iron, or other home appliances that generate heat.

When You Transport Art       

Art with soft foam sheet n glassine

Wrap with a soft foam sheet. Cover the face of the art (this is with Glassine sheet).

When packing encaustic art for transportation, cover the surface of the painting with wax paper or parchment paper (or Glassine paper is good. But just regular wax paper from a kitchen does the job). Then, wrap with a soft foam sheet, soft paper, soft cloth, or even wax paper for shorter transports.

Then, bubble wrap. When wrapping with bubble wrap, the protruding air cap side should not be intact with the artwork, especially on the front of the art as it may leave an imprint on the surface. (Do NOT use bubble wrap directly on the front of the painting).

If shipping a large piece, then use double boxes (inner and outer box) or build a crate to protect the art, depending on the size of the painting.

About Framing

Let There Be Light, Misako Oba

“Let There Be Light,” Misako Oba. Encaustic mixed media on wood panel with black wooden floater frame. (Sold)

Encaustic does not need to be protected by glass. Encaustic work on cradled wood panel is read to hang and dose not need to be framed. But, it may sometimes crack or the edges may chip off, depending on how you handle the artwork or how an artist finishes the edge or surface. (It is essential for artists to fuse each layer.)

A floater frame that I use has a role to protect the edges of the encaustic painting from chipping. Works on paper may be framed under glass. If you do your own framing, then ensure the glass is not in contact with the artwork. You can use a mat or make it float in a shadow box frame and so forth. (Consult your framer.) For my artwork, I would be happy to discuss the framing options.

When You Store Art

Some people rotate their art to display at home or office to decorate spaces to feel refreshed. (I do, too). Some of your artworks may sometimes go in a closet or storage until the next time on the wall.

When you receive artwork from me, I insert an acid-free Glassine sheet on the surface of encaustic or most other artworks, too. Save this sheet! You can use it when you store the art. Or you can purchase it from an art supply store. I sometimes use acid-free tracing paper for original prints, works on paper, or encaustic works to protect the surface. Those acid-free sheets work.

Do not use wax paper or parchment paper for long-time storage as they are not acid-free. However, they work fine during transport. For long-time storage, I encourage you to use acid-free sheets and conservation boxes. Keep it in a dry cool place between the temperature described previously.

👉 Pay attention to the temperature if you store art in your attic!

When my artworks are in an attic and I was traveling and not able to return for the entire summer, my friend warned me my encaustic works may be at risk! I was freaked out. Summer in Seattle is usually not hot, and we don’t even need A/C. But, that year was different. Fortunately, the attic in the house was shaded by trees. So, it ended up alright. But, I researched the conditions about the safe temperature at that time.

Attics can reach temperatures of 150 to 160 degrees ºF (65.5-71.1℃) during a summer day, while outside air temperatures are only 95 to 97 ºF (35-36℃), 146 ºF (63.3℃) when outside is 88 to 93 ºF (31-33.9 ℃). It is surprising.

The temperatures go up as high as 150 ºF (65.5℃) in poorly ventilated attics, which endangers encaustic work. But, well-ventilated attics usually stay at a maximum of around 110-120 ºF (43.3-48.9℃), which is still hot but barely alright to keep encaustic from melting. 

You can store your art in cooler areas of your house where you sometimes use A/C or in cooler storage.

👉 Attention:
How to take Care of Encaustic Art When You See ‘Bloom’

Rub with stocking

To remove bloom, rub gently with soft cloth or stocking.

The wax cures and hardens for up to one to three years after the artwork is completed. Especially during the first 6 to 12 months, encaustic may develop bloom, become little hazy white surface, that is naturally occurring. Some people like this mat surface. But, if you would like to remove the cloudiness, wipe or rub the surface to a gloss with a lint-free soft cloth. Or nylon stocking works well.

Avoid rubbing text and textured area. If  you do, do it very gently. Mainly just do on the flat wax surface that you see the bloom. 

You can repeat the buffing process. Over time the surface retains its gloss. If you are not sure, do not hesitate to the artist. 

 Using White Gloves is Recommended

white glove

White Soft Cotton Gloves

Make sure that you clean your hands before handling any original art. Generally, whenever possible, I recommend using white cotton gloves when handling artworks.

Compared with photographic prints or fine art prints, encaustic art wouldn’t get damaged when handled with bare hands. So, you can be more relaxed handling. Especially for the light color artworks or white color frames.
(The fingerprints or oil from your hand will damage works on paper or prints, such as photographs, and it causes the color change over time from the touched area.)

Is Encaustic Work Archival?

Yes, the encaustic paintings are very archival: I use encaustic that is made of natural beeswax, damar resin, and pigment, which are the most common ingredients. Some encaustic paints are from my own making from those ingredients, others from the companies that make encaustic paints with those materials.

As I posted previously, encaustic is an ancient medium, dating back to around 5th century B.C. Ancient Greeks used wax and resin to caulk the joints for their ships because of the waterproof. It is durable and it seals and preserves the materials. The old Egyptian mummy portraits painted with encaustic around the first century, are still survived, and can be seen in museums. *1

Painting of this nature, applied to vessels, will never spoil from the action of the sun, winds, or salt water.” *2

So, it can endure thousands of years✨
However, like any fine artworks, proper care should be given to them.

I hope the care instructions help!😊


*1 (I originally learned from books and a workshop at R&F Paints in New York when I started to use encaustic many years ago).
*2 [Source ]   




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Stars and Desert

    ※日本語版 [星と荒野・砂漠 のシリーズ] Japanese

“It was clear that art and beauty were among those necessary things we had to provide in an emergency.”

-Roger W. Lowther, author of Aroma of Beauty

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. Also, 20 years since the 9/11 (September 11) Attacks in the United States. We have been in the COVID-19 global pandemic. 

We experience loss and grief in life. But, we have to remember that nothing is wasted. We (and the cities) are going to be better, brighter, stronger, wiser, warmer, and more loving with having gone through the events. And, arts (visual arts, music, or any forms) have the power to heal us and others. I personally experienced it.

上1_detail_Path MightyHue_MisakOba“Path, Mighty Hue” (diptych) – Detail, Misako OBA, 2021. Mixed Media on Canvas, 32×20 inch (81x51cm)

I am honored to be invited and share my work from the “Stars and Desertseries at Art Conference 2021 “Aroma of Beauty in Tokyo. The event was for remembering stories of hope and healing. The organizer had found my series fits and relates to their theme. It is. The concept of the “Stars and Desert” series includes transformation: from disasters and desperation to hope, healing, beauty, and new phase.

Approximately twenty five paintings from this series were exhibited on their walls, ranging from 2016 to 2021. Artworks have the histories. People have their histories. 

Artists (musicians and visual artists) shared about finding the “aroma of beauty” in our broken and devastated world.

“Stars and Desert” Series

The body of my work reflects my interest in human life as a journey. It examines our soul and explores universal experiences, such as emotions. It depicts a light in darkness, beauty with its transient nature, and something larger than life.

I have been creating the series related to stars, desert, and our lives since 2014. I found myself drawn to stars when I moved to Seattle from New York City one year before. Having had an opportunity to see the desert and the Milky Way with the naked eye for the first time in my life and to feel awe toward God’s creations motivated me to develop this series. 

It was after I had experienced many consecutive unexpected losses: loss/death of my child, marriage, a finger, one-in-a-million type tragedies already twice by then, and many additional hardships. It was very difficult and heartbreaking. However, I was able to be healed and recover rather quickly each time and even felt at peace in the harsh dry “desert time” and thankful for what life has to offer. 

So, I wanted to share perspective and hope through this series as a visual statement. 

"Bringing Forth" (Diptych), Misako Oba“Bringing Forth” (diptych) – Misako OBA, Encaustic Mixed Media on Cradled Wood.

Life’s challenges and disasters can be compared with the story of Job in the Bible. I projected my life onto his story. He had terrible calamities but was blessed double for the rest of his life by ultimately trusting God and his love. Like Job did, looking up to the stars and recognizing God’s total control can change our negative feelings and outcome in life.

I believe God watches over our journey and blesses those who have faith in him. He can loose the cords of Orion and control from vast nature to the molecule level. The time in the deserts would also serve as a good preparation time and you could grow. 

The Creator actually made “streams in the desert” in my life. It happened more than once (since I had multiple tragedies and hardships).

As I experienced, God indeed heals the broken-hearted as it says in Psalm 147:3-5. He sometimes uses art to reach people’s heart. 

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.
He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name.
Great is our Lord and mighty in power; his understanding has no limit.”

This verse became the encaustic art Heals the Brokenhearted in 2014 (the artwork is in the U.S.) and I felt motivated to create the series since then. 

“Heals the Brokenhearted,” from Stars and Desert Series, Misako OBA, Encaustic Mixed Media on wood panel with black floater frame. 9x9x1 inch (approx. 23x23x2.5cm) 

As of 2021, the series is ongoing as Phase II. My latest work Rising Higher with Him was created for the Aroma of Beauty event’s opportunity, for those who still hurt from the 3.11 disaster or from any personal hardships, and those who are already healed but seek to leap higher from here.

Rising Higher with HIM by Misako Oba“Rising Higher with Him” from Stars and Desert Series, Misako OBA, 2021.
Mixed Media on Canvas.  F20 (approx. 73×61 cm/ 29×24 inch) 

My art includes layers of memories, thoughts, dreams, paths, illusions, and disillusions. I abstractly integrate ancient but timeless Bible verses and contemporary computer-programming languages (code) that correlate with the stars.

However, I try not to illustrate my findings or verses in a literal sense, but include the soul and essence in my artwork so that the audience would have the opportunity to feel something, ponder, and discover their own way.

RisingHigher wHIM_detail241“Rising Higher with Him” (detail), Misako Oba

Although scientists and professionals continually research the patterns and details of the stars and universe, there is still something beyond human knowledge or understanding. I reflect and explore this mystery with a conceptual and psychological approach.

If you look closely, in art and life, the details and patterns may emerge. However, sometimes,

L‘essentiel est Invisible pour les Yeux” (What is essential is invisible to the eye).    The Little Prince (by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry).
“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” 2 Corinthians 4:18

You don’t have to fully “understand” arts. The essence is sometimes invisible.
All we need is a small step with an open-minded or curious heart even during the painful time. Then, they will come to you. To enlighten, to encourage, to empower you! It will reconnect your true abilities and full potentials.😊
You rise higher! ✨

Highlights Video from the Conference

The highlight video by Community Art Tokyo

Through this conference, art and beauty are not just luxury things when you can afford, but indeed, NECESSARY things that people need in an emergency. I learned this myself as well. So, we artists strive to provide it even in difficult situations.

I would like to express my gratitude not only to the visitors who came in the rain, but also to all the staff members and volunteers who involved in the event and the exhibition, including the preliminary meetings, preparations from several months earlier, the setting up and taking down the artworks at the venue. Also, big thanks to everyone who has read this blog post this far. 😊

*At the event, artworks were not allowed to sell but to exhibit only. Currently, accepting direct orders. If you are interested in this series, please contact us from here. Or email me. (There are items that have already been inquired and sold, and works that the European gallery started to be in charge of, so if you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me. I can let you know what my current available works are!

Exhibition Gallery 5 photosGallery Exhibition at “Aroma of Beauty” Art Conference 2021 in Tokyo. Approximately 25 works are selected from the Stars and Desert series.


May God bless you abundantly ✨


※ Go to the Japanese page of Stars and Desert series.
アート・シリーズ Stars and Desert 「星と荒野・砂漠」のシリーズ、 別ページに掲載。今年の東京での展覧会を機に初めて日本語での解説を書きおろしました

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White Artworks


Turmoil, chaos, hardships occur in life. But, you could rest assured.    

This work is titled “Rest in Here.”  Rest your weary wings here.

“Rest in Here,” Misako OBA, 2020-2021. Mixed Media on Canvas (acrylic, oil pastel, ink) 53×45.5 cm (18×21 in) 
-Job 38:4, 5. -Psalm 147: 3,4.  

The past events in our lives and the emotions we experienced are layered in the painting by creating and stacking them in various colors, patterns, and collages.

I construct, de-construct, scratch, and re-construct the collage and paints in this painting.

By deliberately covering the colors and mark-making, both chaotic and beautiful colors and mark-makings (=calamities, painful events and joyful experiences) with a white, I am not attempting to hide the ugly or beautiful things, but to express the aspect of redefined beauty.

Just like human beings, beauty will be enhanced by depth and complexity.

Just like those who had tears and scars must have accumulated more layers of life experience hold beauty inside.

Then the white becomes more intriguing than just a simple innocent white.

We are going to be in a “new normal” life after the pandemic of COVID-19. By going through this historic experience, we have gotten more layers within us. It is not the “same white”. It is going to be a better, brighter white new layer with the complexity beneath.

The series of white artworks have this aspect.

Behind the Scene of the Practical Side

I started to create this type of piece as the pandemic hit in 2020. I was not able to obtain my regular painting materials like encaustic and fabric paints from the U.S. due to the postal restriction. Little frustrated. I had to use existing materials from my studio, which allowed me to discover more about acrylics. Then, I found joy!  Also, new perspectives, techniques, and series were born.

The acrylic paints that I have and had not used much are of a professional-grade, so I felt it would be a waste to just leave them on a shelf. It was a good idea to use them!😊

Creating encaustic mixed media art is quite intense to me. I am very much in “hard-working mode.” Although I like working with encaustic, not much fun with all the concepts and structures. Maybe because I know the materials and the process well such as Dos and Don’ts. However, creating acrylic mixed media has brought freedom, rest, and relaxation.

When you believe everything in your life is not a waste and it is going to work together for good, you can be relaxed and rest. Even if you don’t see it, keep on moving forward. And, when you look back later, you may understand. Be aware and shift your thoughts. How you can see things differently change your life’s journey for the better!

You sometimes really need rest. Rest without feeling guilty!

Then, your joy and energy return.✨



この作品タイトルは「Rest in Here」(ここで お休みなさい、こここで一息)疲れた翼を休めてくださいね。


楽しく美しい経験も災難や辛い出来事も(=美しい色もカオス的な激しい絵色も)それらを意図的に、新たな白、純白で覆うことは、醜いものを隠すのではなく、新たな局面の「美」を表現しています。それは 単なる無垢な白だけよりも、人間と同じように深みと複雑さによって、美しさが増した白から成る絵なのです




このような作品は、2020年のパンデミックが起こった際に、制作し始めました。いつもアメリカで購入している画材・絵具などが入手できなかったため、既に自分のアトリエにおいてあって近年あまり使用していなくて(残っていた(笑))アクリル絵具を使用することで、アクリル画にもより多く取り組むようになり、新しい発見もありました。アクリル絵具もプロ仕様のしっかりとしたグレードものだったので、このまま眠らせておくのはもったいないというアーティスト魂(別名 貧乏性 🙂 もありました。








リサーチにも膨大な時間を費やしてしまいました。結局、あれこれ調べた結果、これまで馴染んでいた海外ブランドの絵具やメディウムの方が、私の場合は既に知識があるので、特に欧米製は品質表記が明確なので、プロ用としては迷わず安心して使えます。日本は米国に比べて画材が高価ですね。輸入ものや海外サイトからだとやはり高価になりますが、それでもグレードの低い画材はそれなりの成分構成なので、アート作品を購入してくれるコレクターさんのことを考えると、完成した作品としてあとで後悔したくないですよね。紙やコラージュに使う糊も当然 acid free(無酸性)。絵具など、同じブランドでも国内で販売されているものと海外で販売されているものと名前等も異なるので、注意が必要です。


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春!Spring Pop-Up

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春です!桜は実は私の住んでいる街ではまだ咲いていないのですが ;_;)、気温も上がって過ごしやすくなり、動きも軽くなり(笑)、テンションも上がります🌸  ピンクの花の写真は近所で撮影しました。


春! 🌸国内向けショップオープン: アトリエ21から作品の一部が直送可能になりました。

本日3月21日夜まで、Art Byte講評団主催のSpring POP-UP Shopイベントに参加しています!
まだ間に合います!日本時間の本日(3/21)午後11:59までに、オンラインショップからご注文いただいた方には、イベント特典として購入金額にかかわらず、配送料無料にしています(私の作品の場合)。以下のイベントサイトからは青い作品🔵 を探してクリック。

Spring Pop-Up Shop March 19-21

Atelier Direct 21はサイト自体は (まだ?) オシャレではありませんが、ちゃんと日本語対応🎉🙌 なので(日本のサイトだから当たり前だけど😅)皆さん、使いやすいといいのですが ♬。



現在 Atelier 21, では無料配送は、本日夜11:59pmまで自動的に反映されます。



BigCartelの方も、国内日本人の方々にも問題なくご利用いただいています。が、USドルなので、円には自動換算となります。BigCartelでの無料配送( 3/21 11:59pmまで)はクーポン・コードを入れてください。:  ABCPOP



やっぱり春は、ちょっとリフレッシュしたものを取り入れて新しい環境でスタートすると気持ちいいですね〜! 🌸🎨私も他のアーティストの作品・ショップをいろいろ閲覧しています🎨

先週は東京でエンコースティック作品を中心に25点ほど展示する機会に恵まれ、この状況下、迷った末、主催者からも「やっぱりアーティスト本人が会場にいるとうれしいよね」の言葉に出向きました。東日本大震災から10年 復興記念でもあった「芸術祭2021」は、私も感動しました。学んだこともあったのでまた後日談を書きますね。


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