🔷 “Moon”  2021    (ムーン) 

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Moon” was created in relation to Misako Oba’s mixed media series “Stars and Desert.” It invites you to go beyond the wall and space within you with the colors and the texture.   

Her one-of-a-kind artist books feature an ancient medium encaustic in modern application with its monotype print on Japanese Washi calligraphy rice paper.

These small books can be opened and turned the pages from every angle; from the front, from the back, from the top, and the bottom. They also stand like a traditional Japanese screen (Byoubu).

The book was premiered at Vancouver Art Book Fair 2021.

Each book is uniquely handcrafted with encaustic.  Available from October 18, 2021 at Atelier Direct 21
Signed and titled inside the book.
Size 2.45×2.45×0.3 inch (62x62x8 mm )
Completed: 2021

🔷 “Truth in Emotion, Beyond Time and Space, Cry for LOVE-What Women Feel”  

『時空を超えて Cry for LOVE (愛を求めて 〜女の気持ち〜)』 Vol. 1    2020

People today love and suffer just as in ancient times. Linked by our humanity, we face many of the same feelings and issues. It truly is beyond time and space. For the Cry for Love series,  Misako Oba  originally created encaustic mixed media on wood panels.

This book contains her 10 encaustic mixed media artworks from the series Truth in Emotion, Beyond Time and Space, inspired by the ancient Japanese poems called Hakunin Isshu (100 poems by 100 poets), the anthology of ca. 7th-13th century Japanese Waka poems.

Part 1 of her series is titled Cry for LOVE – What Women Feel, a collection of desperate love poems by female poets. English translation of each love poem and the series description are provided in the book by the artist along with the images of each artwork and the related original Japanese ancient Waka poems.

3 book covers to choose

Each front cover features actual unique artwork used in ancient medium encaustic (made of beeswax, pigment, darmar resin) as monotype and calligraphy collages. She deliberately used her photographic images from our current time. 

You can Choose the color shade!  Yellow orange, purple, or blue. 
To Purchase: Please contact us if you can’t find at Atelier Direct 21 or BigCartel shop. 

*  Update: The front encaustic art covers 2020 version in this video were SOLD OUT. Thank you! There are a couple of 2021 art covers version saved. Please send us an inquiry.  

The artbook with the same contents (the same inside pages), without a handcrafted art cover (TR version: acid-free Translucent Cover version) became available:
Atelier Direct 21
Big Cartel 

Font Cover: Unique, handcrafted with encaustic monotype. 
Variation of 10 +2A.P. 
Hand numbered, signed, and stamped.
UV-coated pigment print. 23 pages
Handbound by the artist with thread.
Comes with mini-encaustic scroll charm!
190 x 138mm (approx. 7.5 x 5.5 inch)
Year: October 2020


The new edition of the video and the art cover Love/Spring 🌸version  was published in February, 2021.   To Purchase: Please contact us if you can’t find at Atelier Direct 21

In this full preview version of the handbound artist book, you can immerse yourself into the timeless love poems and the series of visual artwork by Misako Oba along with the contemplative and relaxing music by Zach Para from City of the Sun. 



👉 この本のビデオや詳細はブログにもあります。To view inside, go to video or blog.

🔷 “Beyond Time Waka Poem” (Zine) 2020

『時空を超えて』和歌ポエム 〜小倉百人一首 英訳+現代語訳+5-7-5-7-7英語和歌 入り〜

These artbooks/small zines feature ancient medium encaustic, timeless love poems, and has modern translations. Each book is uniquely handcrafted. They are made from an encaustic monotype print on Japanese washi, calligraphy paper with an embossed front cover and it is also bound by the artist Misako Oba.  
Originally, the “Beyond Time and Space” series was created with encaustic mixed media on wood panels.

The English 5-7-5-7-7 syllables/Waka poems were created by Zan Appell for this project. The poems are inspired by the translation from the original ancient Hakunin Isshu (100 poems by 100 poets), the anthology of ca. 7th-13th century Japanese Waka poems that is well-known in Japan. Each book contains one original ancient Japanese Waka poem along with the Oba’s artwork image, modern Japanese translation, and English description/translation. The book is a reflection of common emotions that focuses on love, beyond time and space.

This book can be opened from every angle. It also stands like a traditional Japanese screen (Byoubu 屏風). It would be suitable as a gift to your friends and loved ones!

Size:2.5×2.5×0.4 inch(63x63x10 mm )                Available at BigCartel shop
Year Created: November 2020-2021.
Signed, titled, artist-stamped inside the book.

= To view how these books work  =    ユニークに開けるこの本。まず見てみる。👇

海外生活が長くなるにつれ、古代から現代、日本と海外、時空を超えても、結局ヒトは同じような感情を経験するのだと実感したことに端を欲し、私たち人間が持つ普遍的な感情をテーマにした、大庭みさこの「Beyond Time and Space (時空を超えて)」シリーズは、もともと木製パネルに蜜ロウ含むエンコースティックを使ったミクストメディアのアート作品。小倉百人一首の各歌の意味や背景を知るにつれ、当時の日本人が持った感情や激しい情熱にインスパイアされ、2010年から制作に取り掛かってきたものです。パート1は、中でも女流歌人が謳う恋の歌を反映して作った「Cry for LOVE (愛を求めて 〜女の気持ち〜)」。このたび制作したこれらのアート・ブックは、美術家であり、執筆・通訳・翻訳の仕事にも携わってきた著者による手製のアーティスト・ブック。そして百人一首和歌の現代語和訳と英訳に加え、アメリカ人、ザン・アッペル氏による書き下ろし、百人一首の英語版ともいえる 5-7-5-7-7の英語和歌も収録されているぜいたくな逸品😊。



和歌#54: 忘れじの ゆくすゑまでは かたければ 今日を限りの命ともがな  (儀同三司母)
和歌#56: あらざらむ この世のほかの 思ひ出に 今ひとたびの あふこともがな  (和泉式部)
和歌#58: 有馬山 ゐなの笹原 風吹けば いでそよ人を 忘れやはする  (大弐三位)

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👉 Handcrafted Artist Book by Misako Oba:

+[Moon] Order (US/Internationally / Japan)    2021
+[Cry for LOVE -What Women Feel vol. 1]:
Order (US/Internationally / Japan) 2020
+[Beyond Time Waka Poem]  Order (US/Internationally / Japan2020

If you can’t find the book in the above website, please contact us.


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