A blog about abundance in life through art.

As an artist, I believe art gives you energy and allows you to see things from multiple perspectives and provides inspiration in your life. This blog is for my personal daily thoughts and the creative process that forms my mixed media creations, printmaking and photography. I will share what inspires and motivates me and the creative angles I am led towards. In that, I will reveal concepts, techniques, and even mistakes. This is Misako sharing flowing thoughts.

My hope is to reflect diversity of thought and experience.

Who is Misako OBA?

Visual Artist  (Mixed media painting/ Printmaking/ Photography). Writer (mainly in Japanese). Author of artbook (monograph: text in English and Japanese).

Born and raised in Japan, currently based in Seattle, New York City and Japan. Travel often.

Misako’s body of work explores human life as a journey, and is a metaphor for our lives. It is a deep examination of her soul and an exploration of universal experiences. Contrasting darkness and light. Depicting the beauty of life with its transient nature.

Having spent much of her career exploring themes employing traditional chemical process photography, such as gelatin silver prints and toning, Misako continues in her artistic pursuits. She has expanded into mixed media painting, often incorporating text, photo imagery and encaustic as appropriate to the concept.

She studied photography and other media in a graduate program in the U.S. and did additional studies in France and Japan.

Her work has been exhibited in France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Japan and the U.S., including, AIPAD Shows in New York and Salon d’Automne in Paris.  Misako’s creations are held in private and corporate collections, as well as in public collections. Her art has been honored with several awards including First Prize in The Pollux Awards/ The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards in 2011.  In 2010, she was selected as an artist for a PAA Artist-in-Residency and spent her summer creating a series of encaustic mixed-media works.

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