Drawn to Stars

I was walking on the street in Seattle the other night. I was rushing but looked up at the sky and noticed a couple of stars in between the cracks of clouds. Deep blue-black sky and white clouds. It was too bright to see the stars because the street was lit with the lights of homes. Yet, the stars were visible and I just felt moved by the simple beauty.

I have been attracted to things that shine, twinkle, glitter, sparkle, glisten, gleam…and a number of my works including previous photographic series (Sample 1 (Blue Fireflies), 1b and 2 (El Camino)) reflect both natural and artificial light(s).

In recent years, I have found myself drawn to stars…and sometimes the moon.

01MisakoOba_MilkyWay3ab_900“The Milky Way #2” (diptych). Collagraph with carborundum and beeswax (mixed media), Misako Oba

Those are very recent works. The concept was developed last summer and I just started to create the works this year. Works on paper, silk, canvas or wood panels. It is on-going the series.

The work is very reflective of Seattle and its sounding areas. When I am in Tokyo or New York, I don’t even think about the stars or sunset. It’s interesting to see a lot of people in Seattle care about the sunset and nature, and would say, “You can see a beautiful sunset this evening.” Or “Today, you can see the mountains.” They would be excited and I AM very excited since I had lived in such big cities with not much nature or visible stars.

Milky Way#2b detail by Misako Oba           “The Milky Way #2” (detail)

Seattle is such a beautiful city that has BOTH nature and an urban element. Olympic mountains behind the Space needle, and high-rise buildings near various lakes. What excites me is that I can see nature and the urban city together in the SAME frame. Especially in good weather, it is breathtaking. I will never be tired of viewing this type of scenery.

I wanted to show you the beauty by photographing the scene. However, I know photographs don’t always capture the reality. The photos can be more beautiful (..yes you can do that…) or less beautiful than the actual scene you see, and I don’t want to ruin what you can see for yourself on the spot. There are feelings, temperatures, and breezes on your cheek kind of things too. Also, the scene changes in a moment depending on the angles, weather and/or light. So, you must see it yourself by coming to visit. I fell in love with the city when I first visited. Yes, Seattle has much rain, but I found it mostly just drizzling. Unlike rain in New York with stormy winds – in most cases breaking my umbrella. Poeople in Seattle don’t even use umbrellas.

People can go to be in nature easily on a weekend, or even after work. If you drive just 30 minutes from downtown Seattle, you can find yourself be in beautiful nature. What a luxury!

Desert #3-a by Misako Oba “Desert #3-a” or b, Collagraph with carborundum and beeswax (mixed media), Misako Oba

And by driving a little further, you can encounter the beauty of God’s creation: forest, desert, open sky with lots of stars at night. I haven’t had much chance to see those yet, so hopefully I would like to explore more. But, I did see the Milky Way for the first time in my life in Eastern Washington. It was not quite as visible since there was a bright moon and it was not summer. However, it was still slightly visible with the naked eye! And as a city person, I was like “wow….” Like a child.

The Milky Way#1 by Misako Oba “The Milky Way #1”  Collagraph with carborundum (mixed media), Misako Oba
Water and Desert (detail) by Misako Oba     “Water and Desert” (details) Collagraph with carborundum and beeswax (mixed media), Misako Oba

In the future blog, I will talk about the text and technique that I employed.

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