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Updated on October 23

Finally, I completed a new artbook Beyond Time and Space, Cry for LOVE-What Women Feel  (vol. 1)!!  It’s released in conjunction with the Vancouver Art Book Fair on October 17 – 18, 2020.  Thank you to those who visited the booth of Art Byte Critique. 

More of my artbooks, front covers’ variation, and available options can be viewed at the online shop with this book collection. (Art cover variation will be rotated or switched from time to time or based on the availability.)

I posted the quick preview of this new book on YouTube (See below link).  You can take a look at the inside the book. This is short version of the video. (Less than one minute)

This book [Beyond Time and Space…] is my first handbound artist book with uniquely handcrafted front cover with encaustic monotype and collage.  I’m feeling so relieved and happy to get it done! 💦🙌 It feels a bit different from the regular published books such as FAUSTUS.

Let me know what you think! If you are interested in getting one of these books or for any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

The online store was launched and open for each collection. So, it is close between new collections/exhibitions.  (Note: The currency would be Canadian dollars, US dollars, and Japanese yen. But, it is international online shot, so it will automatically calculate for your currency at the end. Or you can always contact us for the precise price for the book/art in your currency before checking out.)onlineStore1da

As for this book Beyond Time and Space, you can choose the front cover. There are three shades; Orange, blue, or purple. (Please contact us with the color of the front cover that you are interested. I can email you more front-cover art images that are not online but available.) The inside pages are the same (Please Refer to the video).

The color-matched bookmarks are also available as an option. You can select the option in this online store. The Translucent Cover version (TR) without the original encaustic monotype front cover is also available on site while the shop is open for the book. Still handbound with thread.

Come back here in this blog post or online store for the updates and/or new products.

About the Series and the Book

This artbook contains Misako Oba’s 10 encaustic mixed media artworks from the series Truth in Emotion, Beyond Time and Space, inspired by the ancient Japanese poems called 小倉百人一首 Ogura Hakunin Isshu (100 poems by 100 poets), the anthology of ca. 7th-13th century Japanese Waka poems.

Part 1 of the series is titled Cry for LOVE – What Women Feel, a collection of desperate love poems by female poets. I added English translation of each Waka poem and the description along the images of my artwork in this book.

People today love and suffer just as in ancient times. Linked by our humanity, we face many of the same feelings and issues. It truly is beyond time and space.

This series integrates both traditional and contemporary elements in each piece by combining ancient medium encaustic and other traditional materials, such as Waka poems and mix photographic images that I took from our time with current technology.

The images in my work (for example, the mountains, the moon, bamboo, trees, textures of doors and walls, and cherry blossoms) may resemble Japan. However, I intentionally used materials from non-Japanese places, such as New York City, Seattle, and other places due to my series concept. These places are also where I lived and felt connected during my life’s Journey.

In the encaustic mixed media, the Waka poems that you can see were re-written in calligraphy by my father Kenichi Oba, a calligraphy master in Japan, before his passing using the original ancient characters on traditional Japanese rice paper for this project.

The Waka collection Hyakunin Isshu (100 poems by 100 poets 百人一首 ) is well-known  in Japan. However, language is too ancient/old to understand for us much. So, for this project, I first translated into modern Japanese to get the meaning and then translated into English to create my art, and also to introduce each meaning to both non-Japanese audience and Japanese audience. The book has English text along with the original Waka poem in Japanese and the images of my artworks.

It took incredibly so much time for researching, studying ancient Waka and the background, contemplating, translating, photographing contemporary elements abroad to integrate, and gathering materials, creating art, and again researching, and more. Then, after all, creating the book was another entire process💦 😊🤗😆

For English translations and to finish creating this artbook, I can’t thank enough to those who supported me:
✨Special thanks to Zan Appell, Kevin DallaSanta, Gary Gesell, Arthur Huang, and Art Byte Critique Artist Group.✨  Also, to Hiroko Kobayashi who video taped the book and editing with me.

Truth in Emotion, Beyond Time and Space “Cry for LOVE- What Women Feel” vol. 1

Font Cover: Unique, handcrafted with encaustic monotype.
Variation of 10 + 2 A.P.
Hand numbered, signed, and stamped.
UV-coated pigment print.
Handbound by the artist with thread.
Comes with mini-encaustic scroll charm.

190 x 138mm (approx. 7.5 x 5.5 inch)
23 pages
Created: October 2020

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