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Misako Oba is a former newscaster and talk show host/director on Japanese television in New York City and in Japan. She was also an experienced editor for Japanese print media. Once she found a personal mission and calling in life on this earth, she turned to be a visual artist and writer/author to convey her perspective and messages instead of merely reporting facts as a journalist.

Personal Interest 😊  Note by Misako OBA:

Science, constellation💫, night lights, deep thoughts, nostalgia, purple and blue〜.
Spanish guitar (Love♡the music of the band City of the Sun since I first encountered them in Union Square area in NY). As I was raised in a musically rich environment, Hamamatsu, Japan where YAMAHA has its headquarter, I used to play guitar, piano, electrical organ, keyboard, but not much anymore especially after having lost my right pinkie. I occasionally enjoyed composing music as well.  Now, just enjoy listening!♬
Languages are always interesting and good tools for me. I used to speak/understand Spanish better than English, but now, when I try to speak Spanish, French comes out. ;_;) So, no more fluent Spanish. I can still understand Spain Spanish (Español). I just didn’t learn Latin American Spanish in college. So, their accents would give me a hard time to get what they say. French is self-taught due to my art work and must-have-had for personal communication in France. I didn’t like French sounds at first, but ended up loving French very much. Portuguese – It just happened to take a class where my Brazilian friend was teaching. Portuguese is the second language in my hometown in Japan – Not English unfortunately. So, I thought it’s better to learn anyway.
Latin dance: Fully enjoy dancing salsa both on1 and on2, bachata, and more!
Steak🍴, Belgium milk chocolate🍫(…can’t stop eating…) and red wine🍷. Sometimes enjoy painting with a glass of good wine!
Cooking and baking creatively and efficiently. I don’t use/consume regular white sugar nor artificial sugar. No additives. There are other natural good ingredients; So, I cook/eat healthy natural food and dishes and sometimes even macrobiotic sweets. (Certified Natural Food coordinator in Japan since 2017.) I am just interested in healthy & tasty ingredients and recipes for my friends, family and myself :).

One more note 😉
Recently, I also feel passionate and comfortable to work for commissions, besides, of course, gallery exhibitions and its art sales from my project/series. I work closely with those who would like to have my artwork; The original artwork for your living room and/or bedroom..etc., original artwork for the gift to your loved one, artwork for music album covers or book covers, and so forth.  I have done those and enjoyed much. Will share more about the story and the process later.  Please check back to this Behind the Scene blog!💜

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me any question using the inquiry form to get acquainted and we can go from there.

Much love and appreciation,



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2 Responses to More about her

  1. gears4steam says:

    I just finished reading about you on this sight. I had no idea of your history. You are quite the interesting lady. It is very humbling to read about your past.

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