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Misako Oba is a former newscaster and talk show host/director on Japanese television in New York City and in Japan. She was also an experienced editor for Japanese print media.  Once she found a personal mission in life on this earth, she turned to be a visual artist and writer/author to convey her perspective and messages instead of merely reporting facts as a journalist.


Personal interest 😊from Misako OBA:  Oh, you are not asking this? ….Anyway,
-Science, constellation💫, night lights, deep thoughts, nostalgia, and blue〜.
-Spanish guitar (…love the music of the band City of the Sun since I first encountered them in Union Square area).
-Latin dance (…I fully enjoys dancing salsa both on1 and on2, and bachata) and more!
-Steak🍴, Belgium milk chocolate🍫(…can’t stop eating…) and red wine🍷.
-Cooking and baking creatively and efficiently. Always love sweets! But, I don’t use/consume regular white sugar nor artificial sugar. No additives. There are other natural good stuff; So, I cook/eat healthy natural food dishes and sometimes even macrobiotic sweets. (Certified Natural Food coordinator in Japan, in fact. …have nothing to do with my job, but just interested in healthy tasty ingredients and recipes for my friends and family :). 

I was raised in a musically rich environment, Hamamatsu, Japan where YAMAHA has its headquarter. I used to play the piano, electrical organ, keyboard, and guitar. I occasionally enjoyed composing music. But, now I am an audience.  I enjoy listening to music.

One more note 😉
Recently, I also feel passionate and comfortable to work for commissions, besides, of course, gallery exhibitions and its art sales from my project/series. I work closely with those who would like to have my artwork; The original artwork for your living room and/or bedroom..etc., original artwork for the gift to your loved one, artwork for music album covers or book covers, and so forth.  I have done those and enjoyed much. Will share more about the story and the process later.  Please check back to this Behind the Scene blog!💕

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me any question using the inquiry form to get acquainted and we can go from there.

Much love and appreciation,



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2 Responses to More about her

  1. gears4steam says:

    I just finished reading about you on this sight. I had no idea of your history. You are quite the interesting lady. It is very humbling to read about your past.

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