FAUSTUS New Website/blog Launched!

I am happy to introduce the new website/blog.  Some of you may already know that Misako Oba’s photography/artbook [FAUSTUS] was published by Sokyu-sha in Japan.

140817_cover_fix The text is both in English and Japanese. (Not direct translation, but the author is sending messages in the book to non-Japanese audience and Japanese audience, considering in the different way of thinking because of the culture difference.)

The website will be updated more and the story behind the FAUSTUS will be posted.

大庭みさこのFAUSTUS に関するwebsiteができました。これから日本語でもアップしていきます。

[About the book]
Title: FAUSTUS      

Author: Misako Oba
Publisher: Sokyu-Sha
Color 88 pages, 69 photographs
Text: English/ Japanese
Price: 3888 yen (in Japan)
Limited edition of 500. (Signed copy available at the publisher or at some bookstores).
Editor: Michitaka Ota
Designer: Katsuya Kato
Creative direction by Misako Oba

Many thanks for the efforts of the following individuals
who made this publication possible: Mine Suda (em.es.),
Pei Koay, Blake Henry, Stephanie Nikolopoulos, Eric
Weinstein, Rebecca Drew, and Jeremy Block.


About misako

Artist/Author @misakoobaart on Instagram
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