Finally In-Person Exhibitions are Back

After almost two years, I am pleased to show my recent works in on-site (in-person) exhibitions this year. During the pandemic, we have learned more about online communication, right? I have developed new online shops and attended many online exhibitions and meetings. However, in-person events/exhibitions feel still so great. I am happy to have them back! Feel the texture of my artworks at the galleries and event venues!

This month, I have having two shows.  One for artist books and another is for paintings.

🔷 BABE (Bristol Artist’s Book Event) at Bower Ashton (UK)
logo and name book event wo

Japan and UK based Art Byte Critique Artists (including me Misako OBA) are selected to participate this event and we are excited to be exhibiting new and recent artist books on site! Visit the venue if you are nearby and take a look at the actual books and feel the texture of my encaustic books!

I present two kinds of hand-crafted artist books from her Beyond Time and Space series. One is entitled Cry for LOVE with a 2022 version of unique encaustic covers. (Previous year versions can be seen on YouTube 1) The other Beyond Time Waka Poem are unique Leporello leaflets made with Japanese Washi paper coated entirely with encaustic as monotype. This can be opened from every angle. ( Take a peek on YouTube 2).  Both books incorporate ancient Japanese poems with her modern English translation. The zine includes 5–7–5-7-7 syllables English poem as well.

Limner Gallery in New York (US)
April 7 through 30, 2022:
Reception Sat., April 9, 3-5pm

website LimnerTopThis is a curated group exhibition.  The selected contemporary artists around the world present their newest and most inspiring creative works of painting, mixed media, sculptures, and photography. I am pleased to be a part of the contemporary abstract show and I am so grateful that the gallery used my artwork for the front side of the invitation post cards!  


The message in this series includes my response and factual visual statement to global climate change with a conceptual and philosophical approach.

This is just a very early stage of the series and I will research and develop more and more. I feel so excited to have a meeting next week with the climate change specialist/lawyer/ researcher from Columbia University in New York City.

Stay tuned for the update via my Posts or Story on Instagram.

  “Atmosphere”  2022, Misako OBA. Signed and titled on the verso.
Encaustic and oil on Cradled Wood Panel. Ready to hang. 

If you are interested in my artworks or for any questions, please contact the gallery director Tim  in New York: +1-518-567-7858 (phone).
TheLimner at (email).
Or do not hesitate to contact me

The exhibition is through the end of this month.

Tips💡 for How to See Abstract Art

  • What themes and forms does it retrieve from the tradition of modern art?
  • How has the artist used them to express the social, political, and spiritual experience of our own time?

Keep these questions in mind when viewing abstract artworks. In the meantime, just enjoy them!
It’s okay if you don’t “understand” the work. You can just feel it with your heart instead of your head. 

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