What is Artists’ book? Vancouver Art Book Fair


“An artists’ book is a physical experience that allows a connection with the medium that – while social in its implications – is individual and personal.” Printed Matter, Inc.

Have you visited any art book fair?

I have visited NY Art Book at MoMA PS1 few times and Tokyo Art Book Fair once before the pandemic. Just out of curiosity. (Curiosity is important in life!) Although I have been an artist (I mainly create mixed media painting and previously more of fine art photography), I was not interested in book making until vert recent years.

Yes, some art books such as FAUSTUS were published before, but that was more like a hard cover book published by a commercial publisher (although I did the contents and the direction). Because that was fine art photography book, it was not exactly a trade book (which means a book published by a commercial publisher and intended for general readership), yet feels similar.

On the other hand, when you go to an art book fair, you can see little different types of publications. For instance, fewer copies or edition books. Artists’s books. They are like more artists’s publishing books, magazines, zines and printed ephemera, or other experimental forms of publication. The interest in those unique books grew on me. Your interest may also arise.
Click below before October 26! :)

Vancouver Art Book Fair 2021 Top

The Vancouver Art Book Fair (VABF) runs through October 26. 10th Anniversary this year!🎉
My new artist’s book/zine this year called Moon can be viewed there. The VIDEO as well.  Stop by the booth of Art Byte Critique.  Links are available during the Fair (until Oct. 26.)  *Eight artists from Japan, US, and UK are exhibiting their new releases in Art Byte Critique’s booth.

This is my second time exhibiting my artist books at VABF, following the last year when I released my first artist book “Beyond Time and Space, Cry for LOVE.

The “Moon” was created in relation to my mixed media series “Stars and Desert.” It invites you to go beyond the wall and space within you with the colors and the texture. This is an artist’s book.

The definition of Artists’ books (or book arts) : Works of art that utilize the form of the book. They are often published in small editions, though they are sometimes produced as one-of-a-kind objects. (Wikipedia)

"Moon" -Blue Moon, by Misako Oba

Artist Book “Moon” -Blue Moon, by Misako Oba

This one-of-a-kind artist books feature an ancient medium encaustic in modern application with its monotype print on Japanese Washi calligraphy rice paper.

These small books can be opened and turned the pages from every angle; from the front, from the back, from the top, and the bottom. They also stand like a traditional Japanese screen (Byoubu).

Each book is uniquely handcrafted with encaustic.
Signed and titled inside the book.
Size 2.5×2.5×0.4 inch (63x63x10 mm )
Year completed: 2021

*The VABF  is Canada’s first art book fair and the longest-running international art book fair in the country. It runs from October 18 until 26 this year. 

*New releases includes the books by John Delfino (@nemo_delfino), Masumi Hase (@maccya_118), Arthur Huang (@lifeasaconsumer), Yuko Kamei (@silica.le), Lori Ono (@loriono_thespendypencil), Etsuko Sato (@chouchou_red), Nick West (@nickweststudio), and Misako Oba (@misakoobaart)

🔹My books are available at Big Cartel for the US or non-Japanese shipping addresses.
🔹Or try a new shop: Atelier Direct 21 to view individual images (Note: Currently, this site has a payment issue to non-Japanese shipping address. We are trying to solve the issue.)
FREE shipping worldwide until October 31, 2021.   Enjoy exploring!! 

It you have any questions or trouble, please do not hesitate to contact us!  Some of you already did!👍


「アーティストブックは、物理的な体験であり、その意味では社会的な意味合いを持ちながらも、個人的でパーソナルなメディアとのつながりを可能にするものです。」 Printed Matter, Inc.


「アーティスト・ブック(Artists’ book)」とは:(定義)

アーティスト・ブック(またはブック・アート、ブック・オブジェ)は、本という形態を使った芸術作品です。少部数 (少数エディション) で出版されることが多く、また一点ものの作品として作られることもあります。(Wikipedia、他より)

今年もバンクーバー・アート・ブック・フェアに参加しています。10月26日まで Art Byte Critique. のブースで、日本や米国、英国出身のアーティストたちと一緒に、私の新作のアーティスト・ブック “Moon“などもビデオとともにご覧いただけます。登録してもしなくてもなし閲覧可能。ただすべて英語なので、日本語での解説や画像は、以下にアップしました。
🔹 アトリエ・ディレクト21 Atelier Direct 21 : 個々の写真も掲載あり。

Moon -Super Moon, by Misako Oba

“Moon” -Super Moon, by Misako Oba

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