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Turmoil, chaos, hardships occur in life. But, you could rest assured.    

This work is titled “Rest in Here.”  Rest your weary wings here.

“Rest in Here,” Misako OBA, 2020-2021. Mixed Media on Canvas (acrylic, oil pastel, ink) 53×45.5 cm (18×21 in) 
-Job 38:4, 5. -Psalm 147: 3,4.  

The past events in our lives and the emotions we experienced are layered in the painting by creating and stacking them in various colors, patterns, and collages.

I construct, de-construct, scratch, and re-construct the collage and paints in this painting.

By deliberately covering the colors and mark-making, both chaotic and beautiful colors and mark-makings (=calamities, painful events and joyful experiences) with a white, I am not attempting to hide the ugly or beautiful things, but to express the aspect of redefined beauty.

Just like human beings, beauty will be enhanced by depth and complexity.

Just like those who had tears and scars must have accumulated more layers of life experience hold beauty inside.

Then the white becomes more intriguing than just a simple innocent white.

We are going to be in a “new normal” life after the pandemic of COVID-19. By going through this historic experience, we have gotten more layers within us. It is not the “same white”. It is going to be a better, brighter white new layer with the complexity beneath.

The series of white artworks have this aspect.

Behind the Scene of the Practical Side

I started to create this type of piece as the pandemic hit in 2020. I was not able to obtain my regular painting materials like encaustic and fabric paints from the U.S. due to the postal restriction. Little frustrated. I had to use existing materials from my studio, which allowed me to discover more about acrylics. Then, I found joy!  Also, new perspectives, techniques, and series were born.

The acrylic paints that I have and had not used much are of a professional-grade, so I felt it would be a waste to just leave them on a shelf. It was a good idea to use them!😊

Creating encaustic mixed media art is quite intense to me. I am very much in “hard-working mode.” Although I like working with encaustic, not much fun with all the concepts and structures. Maybe because I know the materials and the process well such as Dos and Don’ts. However, creating acrylic mixed media has brought freedom, rest, and relaxation.

When you believe everything in your life is not a waste and it is going to work together for good, you can be relaxed and rest. Even if you don’t see it, keep on moving forward. And, when you look back later, you may understand. Be aware and shift your thoughts. How you can see things differently change your life’s journey for the better!

You sometimes really need rest. Rest without feeling guilty!

Then, your joy and energy return.✨



この作品タイトルは「Rest in Here」(ここで お休みなさい、こここで一息)疲れた翼を休めてくださいね。


楽しく美しい経験も災難や辛い出来事も(=美しい色もカオス的な激しい絵色も)それらを意図的に、新たな白、純白で覆うことは、醜いものを隠すのではなく、新たな局面の「美」を表現しています。それは 単なる無垢な白だけよりも、人間と同じように深みと複雑さによって、美しさが増した白から成る絵なのです




このような作品は、2020年のパンデミックが起こった際に、制作し始めました。いつもアメリカで購入している画材・絵具などが入手できなかったため、既に自分のアトリエにおいてあって近年あまり使用していなくて(残っていた(笑))アクリル絵具を使用することで、アクリル画にもより多く取り組むようになり、新しい発見もありました。アクリル絵具もプロ仕様のしっかりとしたグレードものだったので、このまま眠らせておくのはもったいないというアーティスト魂(別名 貧乏性 🙂 もありました。








リサーチにも膨大な時間を費やしてしまいました。結局、あれこれ調べた結果、これまで馴染んでいた海外ブランドの絵具やメディウムの方が、私の場合は既に知識があるので、特に欧米製は品質表記が明確なので、プロ用としては迷わず安心して使えます。日本は米国に比べて画材が高価ですね。輸入ものや海外サイトからだとやはり高価になりますが、それでもグレードの低い画材はそれなりの成分構成なので、アート作品を購入してくれるコレクターさんのことを考えると、完成した作品としてあとで後悔したくないですよね。紙やコラージュに使う糊も当然 acid free(無酸性)。絵具など、同じブランドでも国内で販売されているものと海外で販売されているものと名前等も異なるので、注意が必要です。


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