Instagram? Now? Acrylics?

Today’s blog post is short, at least shorter compared with my other blog posts that are usually long! (I know I have to learn to write shorter.😅)  It is just an announcement!

instagram logo 1I am pleased and excited to inform you and invite you to my Instagram posts. Yep, finally.  @misakoobaart

I am perhaps a bit secretive about my life and introverted in a way although I was on TV every day at some point in my life… I actually like staying in. People think I’m extroverted, while I think I’m introverted. I may be an ambivert. Yet, I just felt I may need to practice a more extroverted side in social media. I have been on Facebook, though. 

Anyway, Instagram is something that I had been resisting to start and I didn’t make an account until this time. I knew it is super popular for everyone and I even know that a lot of galleries find artists through it. It feels like I must be the only visual artist who didn’t have an account and show works there. People asked me, but, I just didn’t want to add up to my already-busy- life. Yet, I felt this is the time for me.  I just knew. 

Instagram @ misakoobaart

In fact, I am enjoying it so far. It was probably worth waiting for me. 

Acrylic Painting

I began posting my current acrylic paintings. Yes, acrylic, which I had never explored much until this time. As you might see in my previous posts and already know by now, I am a mixed media artist using mainly encaustic, oil, ink, text including codes, printmaking, watercolors, and Japanese paper. But, not much acrylic since it doesn’t go well with encaustic/wax.    

I continue creating mixed media paintings, however, I also began working on acrylics besides my regular mixed media projects such as [Stars and Desert] series. 

And, I noticed that understanding how different medium works can help you better understand your own medium! 🎨

I have been having many acrylic paints in my studio that include quite new ones but didn’t have a chance to use them much. I will tell you more about why I began painting with acrylics in the future blog.  Oh, so, do not forget to follow me here for my blog😊, if you haven’t yet, so that you will NOT miss the next post, which I will share the meaning and the story behind those acrylic artworks. You may feel connected. 

And, I found myself feeling more free and light. I could be bold and I can explore more. Comparing with my other series, which I research and prepare for a long time before painting, those acrylic paintings have been done with a more intuitive✨ and free spirit. It feels like a bit new endeavor! 

I added the Instagram feed on the right side of this blog page. Can you see it properly? Please visit and feel free to Follow me on Instagram so that we can get connected even if you are not posting much lately and/or DM me there!  I am already receiving messages and inquiries about the works (Yes, most of those paintings will be available for purchase), and if my response is delayed, please forgive me, but I will definitely reply! (We may have a time difference, right?😉)

Right now, you may see only artworks themselves there, but I will post the process, perhaps things inspire me in daily life and you can glance at my personal life….etc.

Let’s share love, care, interest, energy, emotions, and inspiration especially in our on-going current situation worldwide.

Oh, did my blog get long (again)? ;_;)



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