Artist in Residence -Part 3

Today’s post is additional information such as meals and extra activities outside of studio at the Artist-in-Residency offered by Brush Creek Foundation of the Arts in the U.S.

You can find more information about Artist-in-Residence (AIR) in my previous posts based on my experience.

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Part 3)

Not all AIR program provides each meals. However, Brush Creek Foundation of the Arts provides breakfast, lunch and dinner almost every day. In order to focus on working, those are big help. They have a laundry facility and they have detergent and dryer sheets…etc. Artists’ lodge (sleeping unit) was located just about from 30 seconds to a couple minutes walk, depending on your studio. I really appreciate those conveniences to save time and concern.

The breakfast was self-prepared. The program provides basic food and supplies such as eggs, bacon, fresh fruits, bread, bagels, cereal, oatmeal, milk, juice, cream cheese, honey, coffee, water and tea…etc. If anything is missing as days go by, the artists can let them know by writing on the white board. Or you can buy your own stuff and can keep it in a fridge. They even had energy/cereal bars to take for our hiking. (It is important to bring water (bottle) when you hike in the mountain! The air is thinner due to the high altitude.)

They bring a lunch selection around lunchtime to the kitchen. Dinner meals are also shared family-style in the common area in the evening. Those are America’s Western-fare lunch and dinner prepared by chefs. If you are a vegetarian, require a gluten-free meal or have allergies, you can request it in advance. Feeling appreciative of all those options and arrangements. The amount of food was always enough – more than enough and we always have leftover. One day, I asked about the large amount of food/meals. One of the directors answered with smiling, “We don’t want artists starving ^^).”

Artists are responsible for clean up after meals and we enjoyed doing it all together with timing how fast we could clean! We had a great teamwork. 🙂 During my residency, some artists baked cookies for all of us, others made chocolate sauce for ice cream topping, others made banana ice cream shake. Yum! Hmm…. I miss all those! Great memories.

Extra activities outside of Studio
A couple of my friends asked me about activities outside the studio in the artist in residency. So, I decided to post those ‘side’ activities that I did, which were fun! I guess I look/am very serious in a studio (Of course…during the work).

So, what we did outside the studio time:
■ Stimulate your interest in the library.
What’s interesting was to see other artists’ work as a book or in CD/DVD form. There are many books by the current and previous resident artists. They welcome the reading materials from the artists to fill their library collection. So, I donated my FAUSTUS book. As other artists had a chance to view the book, I appreciated hearing the comment from them.

■ Hiking to the mountain!
Hiking on the Brush Creek Ranch in Saratoga, Wyoming was very different from hiking in Washington or in Japan. It’s mostly flat and with no tall trees, which I found interesting and also enjoyed. Flowers are…hmm….mostly thistle. I felt so different. It was quite nice to walk not in bush! The location itself was in very high altitude, so we had to be careful. They advised we drink lots of water. Fortunately, my body got adjusted and used to it very quickly and had no problem. There are many hiking courses available right near our studios. They provided us a map of Brush Creek Ranch trails and roads. We went on hiking individually. Some artists went hiking almost every morning and ‘conquered’ all trails! The Foundation says, “You must have previous experience with each activity and feel comfortable adventuring out on your own.” Yes, the mountain is nature. For safety sake, we were advised to write our name, where to, what time we expect to come back on a white board for each time we venture out. I went hiking in the early morning before it gets too hot and to avoid strong UV. Or we as a group sometimes just walked near our studios in the evening. It was very refreshing and beautiful!

■ Bonfire, S’mores, Gazing at stars…
We gathered together around bonfire a couple times after work, enjoyed company and conversation, made S’mores, and gazed at stars…. I saw the Milky Way with my naked eye for the second and third time in my life! Those experiences would be reflected in my work. We were there in summer. As non-guided activities at the Residency, in winter they say cross country skis, poles or snowshoes can be checked out from their Barn.

 Night Out
At night, we went to town for a live music bar where an assistant director for the Art Foundation was singing for her gig! (She is a musician, too.) The atmosphere of the bar was super different from the ones in NY or in Seattle. The crowd was very different. It was a great experience. I played pool there with some artists from our AIR, and it was fun! Unlike my previous residency experience, a lot of us (eight artists in total) this time had a chance to get together and most of us are very talkative by nature (in a very good way), so we had lots of conversations outside the studio, which was great, too!

■ Eclipse
During my residency in summer, there was eclipse this year. In some regions in Wyoming, you could see total eclipse. In our artist camp at Brush Creek Ranch, Saratoga, it was 97%. The certified eclipse glasses (that my thoughtful assistant ordered) arrived to my studio right before the event in time! We all enjoyed the process of eclipse.

■ Tour – Spirit of the American West
The Art Foundation gave us a tour and trips to the town of Saratoga every Monday where we can get extra snacks, alcohol or art supply (at the hardware store) if we need.

There is The Lodge & Spa at Brush Creek Ranch near the Artists’ camp. They also gave us a tour there.

Over the years, Brush Creek Ranch has served as a home to numerous families, cattle and horse herds, offering a one-of-a-kind gathering place for guests from around the world. The story of Brush Creek Ranch dates back to 1884 when the Sterrett brothers settled the land and built the original homestead with logs cut, skid and hauled from the adjoining National Forest.  In 2008, the ranch was purchased by Bruce White, Chairman and CEO of White Lodging, one of the most respected names in the hotel industry. The Lodge & Spa at Brush Creek Ranch is the culmination of the White family’s extensive hospitality experience, continuous dedication to philanthropy and unabashed passion for the sustainability of authentic Western heritage. Their vision unfolds as a refined 15,000-acre getaway that strikes a perfect balance between active outdoor recreation, shared experiences, economic sustainability and preservation of the western way of life. (History of a Wyoming Ranch, Brush Creek Foundation for the Art)

■ Hot springs
There is a natural hot spring (called Saratoga Hobo Hot Springs or Hobo Pool) available in the town of Saratoga, Wyoming, which is open 24-7 and free to the public. The pool is owned and maintained by the Town of Saratoga. Some of the artists went and enjoyed! There is a river near the hot spring, so you can jump in and out of those two hot/cold water!

Selfie Photo Shooting
We live in the time of cell phone cameras and digital photos including selfies. On the second from the last day of our residency, after cleaning up the studio, most artists dressed up…a lot of them dressed up like American Western style, and they were ready to take photos of themselves:).   I was encouraged to join them, so I changed and we all had a photo shooting.  You can be creative in any opportunity at the end.



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