Driven by Ideas and Emotions: Artist as Maker, Thinker, Feeler

 Until someone mentioned, I didn’t even realize that my works have emotion. I have been told since I started making art even with photography. The subjects were not people themselves but mostly cityscapes with concept in semi-abstract way; gelatin silver black and white photo series, Feeling at Night, El Camino-Beyond the Tunnel-, and blue-toned Blue Fire Flies, and color FAUSTUS series among others. People mentioned it on more latest encaustic mixed media work as well.

I think, that is probably because I put my emotion and emotional contents to the work while creating or even printing. Sometimes, naturally comes from inside, other times, I deliberately try. Not always successful, though. It is like meditation. Hmm…Maybe, not exactly. It is more like reflecting, pondering, wondering and/or thinking/sinking in deep with the scene or experience from the past or fly to an imaginary world with specific idea.

The Artist as Maker, Thinker, Feeler

There is a theme-based national exhibition [The Artist as Maker, Thinker, Feeler] this fall/winter – It has been on view at Cade Art Gallery, John A. Cade Center for Fine Arts (detail info below). I was happy that my works are selected for this exhibition. Jack Rasmussen, who is currently on the Board of the Maryland State Arts Council and serves as the Director and Curator of the American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center, curated the show.

“This is for art that is driven by ideas and emotions, but that also has a strong emphasis on aesthetics, materials, and craft. In other words, the work in this show will be conceptually and emotionally dynamic but will also have a strong embodiment of form through process.  The show is open to individual interpretations of the meaning and relative importance of concept, form, and process in one’s own art-making practice.”

cry-for-love-two-emotional_w1200These are from the series, [Truth in Emotion, Beyond Time and Space.] Encaustic mixed media on braced wood panel (encaustic/oil/pigment/ink/Japanese paper). Completed 25 works in Part I.

The images such as bamboo, trees, and mountain may look as if they are from Japan, however, they are intentionally from New York and Seattle as applying to my series concept. The Mt. Fuji look-like mountain is from North cascade in Washington. (Pigment transfer).


The concept of this series [True in Emotion, Beyond Time and Space] reflects my continued interest in human life as a journey, and is a metaphor for our lives. It depicts a deep examination of soul and emotions and an exploration of universal experiences such as sorrow, loneliness, and turmoil (darkness) as well as peace, joy, and hope (light).

People today love and suffer from the same issues as ancient people did. It’s beyond time and space, I realized. The collection of 7-13th century Japanese poems known as 百人一首Haykunin Isshu are re-written in calligraphy, using specific ancient characters like those centuries. I layered these with ancient medium encaustic AND delicate high-tech pigment ink transfer of my photo images intentionally from America where we live, which are ACTUAL EVIDENCE from our 21st century as a WITNESS, while invest my own emotional content and imagination into these poems and work.

Viewers will find a journey beyond time and space while knowing the same feeling/emotions and issues that we face as human.

The way to approach

While people told me that my work is somehow emotional,  I tend to work on art pieces with calculation and testing rather than just spontaneous movement of the brush and so forth. Maybe because my background is photography that often requires precise calculation or detail settings in shooting, printing and adjusting that includes a ‘second’ to get the result you want. Also, I was a journalist and the occupation requires me to think logically and fairly by default. So, in my painting process, those are somehow influencing.

It is a combination of calculated and spontaneous approach.

Observant and Intuitive

Left brain and Right brain

Control and  Incontrollable flow/happy accident

Restrain and Passionately fee 

They are not half and half ratio, it varies and depends.

Although I sometimes forget all theory or rules when I am actually creating because I just focus strongly what I am doing for that moment, I believe good art must have a soul….let other people feel soul. I know I cannot control what other people feel, so I just do what I believe.

I create art as you do the work. Calm and/or passionate. Also, sometimes very strong emotion comes up to me first and just cannot help not to paint, draw or write. When it comes, I really like and try to sustain that emotion/energy.  Not often.  I sometimes paint crying/sobbing.

When creating art with strong emotion and/or concentration comes to me so much, I forget to eat or rest. (On the other side, when I am writing something like right now, I nibble unconsciously and end up with eating a lot sometimes… That is not good. I know. ; )

Overall, to me, after practicing, testing and/or experiencing, I would feel more freedom to make intuitive and spontaneous actions even within restriction that I set. Perhaps, this is common technique for musician or any other professions.

The Artist as Maker, Thinker, Feeler: All-Media National Juried Show
November 18-December 19, 2016
Cade Art Gallery, John A. Cade Center for Fine Arts
101 College Parkway
Arnold, MD 21012

My hope is to reflect diversity of thought and experience, believing art gives you energy and allows you to see things from multiple perspectives and provides inspiration in your life.

Other art shows (holiday exhibitions!) info will be also posted soon.

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